Víctor and Luis del Valle Piano duo

A prodigy: audible beauty and virtuosity in their exceptional innovation of piano skill.
El País

Splendid and masterful virtuosity, unprecedented risk, exceptional style become one in these two musicians […] One hears works of Mozart very few times in such a convincing way.
Stuttgarter Zeitung

Smashing, but not breaking, these wonderful artists respect style and technique but state clearly their own voice, young and bold, full of life and humour, expressive and highly musical.
La Provincia. Diario de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

We were ready for them. And they came with the expected success that goes with them [...] the wait to witness a full concert with them was worth it.

They made two pianos sound like the Wiener Philharmoniker
Panamá América- Epasa


Oct. 24 2018

CODALARIO.- Luis & Víctor del Valle: Mozart, Schubert and Brahms in Juan March Foundation

By Álvaro Menéndez Granda

Madrid. 24-X-2018. Juan March Foundation.

Only rarely do I enjoy the chamber music openly and truly ... But on October 24 it happened that, on the stage of the Juan March Foundation, two immensely talented musicians appeared who pulverized my music repairs for a small ensemble , initiating a concert of those that one does not easily forget. I mean Luis and Víctor del Valle ...

In short, a frankly brilliant concert. I do not want to stop congratulating brothers Luis and Víctor del Valle for their neat, meticulous and intelligent work. So it's nice to enjoy a program like this, committed, difficult and beautiful, and even more so when the level of cohesion between both performers is such that their four hands seem to belong to a single pianist who pursues and achieves his ideal. Bravo!


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Oct. 13 2018

Ana Mª Valderrama and Víctor del Valle

Heraldo de Aragón- Luis Alfonso Bes
21 October 2018

Immeasurable interpretative passion ... Ana María Valderrama, with a natural violinistic school and an elegant position, had started the "Sonata for violin and piano nº 3" by Brahms, in a duet with the pianist Víctor del Valle showing an unusual expression. The duo achieved one of those unique and unrepeatable moments that music sometimes offers and that you have to know how to identify and enjoy in all its splendor. After moments "di bravura" from Del Valle's piano with strong heroic character, we hear romantic melodies, magnificently expressed by the duo.


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Oct. 07 2018

Emotion, passion, expressive ability ... musical excellence

Concert given by Víctor and Luis del Valle, piano duo (Spain) on Sunday, October 7, 2018 in the concert hall of the Luis Ángel Arango Library.
By Gabriel Rojas © Bank of the Republic

The music captivates with its power of communication and allows to live unique moments, especially in the rare occasions when there is magic and where it is accomplished in an intimate and rewarding way, individual and collectively, thanks to the mystery which is created there. In this sense, being on Sunday, October 7, in the concert hall of the Luis Ángel Arango library was a surprise and a rewarding experience. This Sunday was extremely significant and moving because of the concert of Spanish pianists Víctor and Luis del Valle ...


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Sep. 17 2018

Disco "Brahms & Franck" MELÓMANO DE ORO

Brahms & Franck
Ana María Valderrama, violin
Víctor del Valle, piano

Eudora EUD-SACD-1802
By: Francisco J. Balsera, 09/17/2018

The record label Eudora presents on this occasion an album with works by Johannes Brahms and César Franck by two musicians who create a first-class tandem, the violinist Ana Mª Valderrama and the pianist Víctor del Valle.


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Aug. 20 2018

Musicweb-international.- Great review of the CD "Brahms & Franck"

By Marc Rochester, August 2018

"...This recording, in which she is accompanied by her brother-in-law Victor del Valle, marks her first sustained venture on disc away from Spanish music. And very successful it is too, even if there is no disguising the fact that these two major repertory works are delivered with very strong Spanish accents.

"... this release is a most attractive proposition even in the crowded market of Brahms and Franck violin sonatas..."

"... throughout the entire performance there is a sense that these two musicians are casting the work not just in a new and unfamiliar light, but one which is very personal to them and therefore wholly convincing to us."


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